Technical Staff

Elisabeth Barnreiter

Endocrinology Laboratory
Technical Assistant
Assistent fire protection officer

Mail: elisabeth.barnreiter[at]

Josef Hemetsberger

Deputy Head - Core Facility KLF for Behavior and Cognition
Technical Assistent

Phone: +43-7616-8510
Mobil: +43-664-60277-54543
Mail: office[at]

Laura Mück

Trainee Animal Keeping

Mail: laura.mueck[at]

Heinz Pfeiffer

Workshop and Technical Services

Phone:+43-1-4277-545 05
Mobil: +43-664-60277-54505
Mail: heinz.pfeiffer[at]

Dagmar Rotter

Technical Assistant
IT Representative

Phone:+43-1-4277-544 62
Mobil: +43-664-60277-54462
Mail: dagmar.rotter[at]