Viktoria Ammann

Hibernation patterns in free-ranging Common hamsters
with and without additional food stores

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Valerie Bürghofer

Personality and stress load in female wild boar

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Kerstin Filzmoser

Egg retention in Amblyseius swirskii

Supervisor: Peter Schausberger

Susanna Fritscher

Effects of sex and age on cortisol concentrations and metabolic rate in socially living guinea pigs

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Klara Füreder

Effects of age and social confrontations on cortisol concentrations and metabolic rate in male guinea pigs

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Eileen Heyer

Parental care in the small tree finch (Camarhynchus parvulus), in relation to parasitism, male age and habitat condition

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich

Stefanie Hinterleitner

Beeinflusst der Grad an sozialer Interaktion die Hormonantwort bei altruistischen Aktivitäten?

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich

Natascha Leiler

Testing "bit-induced" stress in horses

Supervisors: Eva Millesi & Virginie Canoine

Celina Leuba

The influence od parasitism, food availability and predation on the breeding success of the Vermilian Flycatcher

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich

Noémie Liesch 

Sex-specific differences in sound production,
 anatomy of sonic organsand agonistic behavior
 in the Pygmy gourami (Teleostei)

Supervisor: Friedrich Ladich

Alena Litin

Maternal nutritional supplementation affects offspring learning in foraging predatory mites

Supervisor: Peter Schausberger

Bettina Meidlinger

Interactions among hormone secretion, basal metabolic
rate, reproductive performance and social behaviour in guinea pigs

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Ariane Niebauer

Do food supplements affect body condition and the timing of reproduction in female Common hamsters in the subsequent season?

Supervisor: Eva Millesi

Jonathan Prosl

Measuring mesotocin level in raven saliva  

Supervisors: Thomas Bugnyar, Jorg MassenVirginie Canoine

Christian Wappl

The influence of male age on breeding success in Darwin’s small tree finch (Camarhynchus parvulus)

Supervisor: Sabine Tebbich