Social interactions

Does mesotocin facilitate cooperative behaviour in birds?

We investigate the hormonal control of cooperative behaviour. Mesotocin, the form of oxytocin found in birds, is an important hormone involved in social interactions. Here we study in different bird species the role that mesotocin plays in supporting cooperative behaviour. 

Researcher: Virginie Canoine
In collaboration with: Jorg Massen, Martina Stocker & Jonathan Prosl, Department of Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna

Physiological determinants of peer interactions in the kindergarten

Researcher: Virginie Canoine
In collaboration with: Lisa Horn, Department of Cognitive Biology, University of Vienna

Should I stay or should I pair? The benefits of pair-formation in geese

Being paired brings about a number of benefits besides reproduction. Taking advantage of long term studies on greylag geese in Gruenau, we are studying the endocrine modulation of long-term pair bonding.

Researcher: Virginie Canoine
In collaboration with: Didone Frigerio, Behavioural Biology, University of Vienna and KLI Gruenau