Sabine Tebbich

Mag. Dr., Privatdoz.

Phone: +43-1-4277-544 64
Fax: +43-1-4277-9 566
Mail: sabine.tebbich[at]


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Jäger, H, Buchholz, S, Cimadom, A, Tebbich, S, Rodríguez, J, Barrera, D, Walentowitz, A, Breuer, M, Carrión, A, Sevilla, C & Causton, C 2017, 'Restoration of blackberry-invaded Scalesia forest: Impacts on the vegetation, invertrebrates, and birds', Galapagos Report, pp. 142-148.

Cimadom, A, Causton, C, Cha, DH, Damiens, D, Fessl, B, Hood-Nowotny, RC, Lincango, P, Mieles, AE, Nemeth, E, Semler, EM, Teale, SA & Tebbich, S 2016, 'Darwin’s finches treat their feathers with a natural repellent', Scientific Reports, vol. 6, 34559 .

Tebbich, S & Teschke, I 2013, Why do woodpecker finches use tools? in CM Sanz, J Call & C Boesch (eds), Tool use in animals: cognition and ecology. pp. 134-157.

Showing entries 10 - 20 out of 32